June 11, 2024

Launching Your Pet Care Offer

Launching Your Pet Care Offer

Once you have your offers designed, you have to push them out to your customers through your standard marketing channels. For most businesses, this includes your website, social media, external listings, digital signage, and any other printed materials that appear in your facility. Beyond marketing channels, there are additional things you can do to ensure a successful rollout of your offers.

Train Your Staff

Make sure your employees are up to speed on your offers. Specifically, they should have a general understanding of what offers are available, what’s included in each one, and the general price range. That way, if customers have questions about these offerings, they’ll be able to answer them on the spot.

Use The Right Tools

Managing offers, especially as your business scales, will be much more efficient with the right tools in place. With Goose’s boarding software, for instance, every service is considered a piece of inventory. That means that you can easily create custom offers and publish them on your website.

For instance, one of your offers might include a standard room, a nature hike, and a Kuranda cot. Goose can take those different pieces of inventory, combine them, and merchandise them as a cohesive offer for the customer. 

Then, during the stay, the platform updates an activity dashboard that clearly displays all the inventory items that need to be completed each day for each offer. This streamlines your staff's activities, making it easy to assign specific tasks to individual team members.

As you prepare to launch your carefully crafted pet care offers, remember that this is just the beginning of your journey towards success. Beyond the initial launch, you will need to maintain and optimize your offers. Ensuring your staff is well-trained on the details of each offer empowers them to provide excellent customer service and address any questions they are bound to get. Leveraging the right tools, like Goose, streamlines the management process, allowing you to efficiently create, publish, and monitor your offers.

Next, we’ll discuss how (and when) to make changes to the offers you’ve built.

Chris Tilson