Front Desk Management

Streamlined Front Desk Management with Goose

Effortless bookings, smooth check-ins, and hassle-free check-outs.

Make a reservation in seconds

Goose’s efficient workflow makes taking new reservations at the front desk simpler than ever. No more sticky notes or missed bookings.

Reservations dashboard

Real-time availability

Our booking platform shows the same availability for both the consumer booking reservations and your front desk staff.

Real time availability
Streamline your check in graphicCheck-in dashboard imageCheck-in dashboard

Streamline your check-in

Goose's user-friendly check-in process makes it simple to confirm information for each booking and quickly add additional notes for your team.


Check-out in seconds. Goose makes it easy to update invoices, add tips, and collect payment from saved cards or through a payment terminal.

Checkout dashboard Checkout DashboardC

Essential pet info
at your fingertips

Collect in-stay notes and easily print run cards with all the important information your team needs to know about each pet.
Pet info dashboard image

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