June 14, 2024

Building Offers at The Kennel at Arbor Lane

Building Offers at The Kennel at Arbor Lane

The Kennel at Arbor Lane has been operating since 1962 and, although we have a relatively small facility, we’ve been on the cutting edge of technology. Before founding Goose, I even built our own booking engine to replicate the hotel booking experience. You can learn more about my journey here. 

I’ve been using our pet care facility to experiment with different types of offers, which has given me the ability to test new ideas and learn what works (and what doesn’t). Based on my learnings from the past few decades, here’s an overview of how we create offers at The Kennel at Arbor Lane:


If you want prospective customers to convert, you need to set their expectations early and get them excited about booking their stay. For new customers, I lean into the fact that our facility is family owned and operated for 60+ years and that we have 15 acres of wide open space. Our About Us page includes a timeline of our history, and our images primarily feature dogs outdoors.

Before they get to the offer stage, I also like to give them an idea of what is included in every stay at The Kennel at Arbor Lane. This conveys that, no matter what choice they make, their pet is going to be comfortable and have a wonderful experience with us.


Personally, I like to use simple, functional names when it comes to our most basic offerings. The amenities of the Standard Room are the foundation for all of our offers. We also have a quick upsell available with “plus” that includes a few additional offerings, such as play time outside. Most customers choose one of these two options. During peak periods, I will remove my most basic standard room offer from our online booking engine to push customers toward standard plus or a larger offer. If you’re curious to learn more about why I do this and how to utilize revenue management, I highly recommend checking out our guide on revenue management, which will give you actionable tips on how to optimize your pricing strategy.

Our most basic offerings use simple and functional names.

Notice how we make our offers easy to compare? We use tags to highlight the differences between offers. At a glance, you can see that the difference between the Standard Room and Standard + is additional play time. 

Beyond our basic offerings, I like to present offers built around pet attributes. For example, the Exercise Package is specifically for highly active dogs who might need additional play time. The Frosty Face Package is for senior dogs or pets that might need a slightly more gentle experience. This gives customers the option to personalize their pet’s stay based on their specific needs. 

More premium offers use pet attributes to set themselves apart.

Our most premium offering is the Kennel Camp All Inclusive. This takes advantage of all the natural features of our facility, including play time in a grassy outdoor area and a nature hike around our horse pasture, hay field, and pond.


Once their pet’s accommodations are selected, the customer then is introduced a new screen with room add-ons. Different room add-ons are shown depending on what the customer  initially selects at the primary offer level. For example, if they chose the standard room on the first screen, I’m going to offer the standard plus upgrade here. As I mentioned earlier, this upgrade path happens more frequently than you might think.

We also offer individual perks that are priced per pet. In our case, we have full grooming available, so we only display the starting price here.

Customers can then customize their selection with add-ons.
Chris Tilson