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New Rate Adjustment

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Change Dec 23, 2022 - Jan 02, 2023
Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
Occupancy > 50%
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Premier Pooch Package
Playful Pup Package
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Dynamic Pricing
for peak season

You know your business best. When occupancy is high, ensure your pricing is in line with demand and encourage customers to book in advance.

Minimum Booking Value thresholds

Easily set policies and floors on booking values during the times that are most important to your business.

Deposit Policy

Amount customers must pay online while making their reservation.

Percent Deposit Required


Cancellation Policy

Please complete the percentage of refund according to each period:



Days from reservation


14 days


7-14 days



Information shown on the confirmation screen & in the email the customer receives.


We do requiere your pet to be spayed or neutered.

Behavioral Meet and Greet:

We do require your pet to pass a Behavioral Meet and Greet test.

Age restrictions:

We do NOT have a minimum age to board. We just ask that your pet has received the vaccinations they are able to get for their age.

Built-in Policy

With customizable deposit and cancellation policies, Goose will easily manage any mishaps or no-shows in accordance with your policies.

Select which days of the week to apply your rate adjustment.

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